Sunday, January 4, 2009

On the way to recycle...

While driving to the 1. 4 million waste transfer site, (an irony here to be sure, as the building is almost useless, inconvenient and will most likely require renovations before it celebrates it's first anniversary) I heard an advert on the radio that made me wonder about the public perception of the net.

The ad in question stated that if you search the 'Internet' for framing, you will be directed to a site that advocates the framing of others for all your evil actions. This ad was complete with sinister voice and unpleasant intonations. Of course this biased bit was followed by a sweet voiced man extolling the virtues of the yellow, because if you search these benign pages you will find a family framing business, one ready to frame those family Christmas photos. I did a quick google search under framing and much to my surprise I did not come across any web site that promised to “cover my tracks”!

Anyway, all digressions aside, this insipid interruption into my peaceful drive thorough the countryside caused me to question whether people really do still think that the net is full of stalkers, ready to spread porn filled viruses and high-tech Bond-like spyware! Dum dum dum dum dum dum(theme from Jaws, not sure of the phonetic spelling for the lyrics now running around my head)

You see I have been reading blogs, twitters and actual books that are all centred around the concept that the web is a good place, a place that will and must become second nature, if not already, to all up and coming students. It came as a bit of a surprise that the idea of the web being a scary place is still used as a propaganda tool to sell a product. Perhaps I need to open the blinders a bit? Expand my readings? Is it still a bad neighbourhood, full of desperadoes, deviants and delinquents? Yes, it has been, can be and will be again for some, but to such an extent that the web can still be marketed as a virtual Sin City?

I know not...

And another thing, after the aforementioned ad, the song In the year 2525 came on, and that got me thinking, hey, Jetson, I want my Jetcar!


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John Ferguson said...


I was flipping channels with my oldest child present and the "Fifth Element" was on and there were flying cars...

Her thoughts...."When are we going to have flying cars?"

Amazing how we still want the same things.

More to your post...The internet as an evil entity! Those who fear it the most are most likely the ones who are losing their market-share. That type of fear-mongering is getting more and more obvious and is becoming more laughable.

Like a car the internet is a very useful tool that I couldn't imagine living without. Would I let my children drive the car without lessons? No, because there are hazards.