Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Convergence and the podcast

So...finished my second writing assignment for my grad class and thought I should share this, but simply just copy and pasting seemed too after many hours of trial and error, or shall we say error and error and, well, you get the podcast of sorts can be found below...

This essay/podcast was inspired by John Ferguson's recent blog.

The mind map I spoke of can be found at mind42.

The Jeff Utecht's graph can be found here.

Musical accompaniment by The Box

Please enjoy, and as always, feedback welcome.


pwp said...

great podcast! I'm enjoying having you in my PLN.

Brian said...

Wow! What a great way to do this assignment. It makes it so personal to hear you talking and expressing your isdeas! I hope we can continue to communicate and exchange ideas using this PLN!

Karen said...

Awesome! This podcast was really great. I'm inspired by you and so many others in our class who are taking leaps forward with Web 2.0.

Karen Ceh