Sunday, January 18, 2009

Everybody get together right now

What follows is a reply to a very very good blog by Jeff Utecht.

I am so impressed with his battle plan to conquer the fear I need to build on this idea and find a way to let my IT department know that the world is really moving away from the lock-down attitudes of the 90's. Free the students and we free the future...


Thanks so much for this excellent rant! I was just informed that our IT department is currently constricting, um, constructing a policy that would mandate which web 2.0 applications are allowed in the classrooms...and for all the same reasons you stated above.

So, how do Information Hippies change the world? What are the digital equivalents of Sit Ins? Protest Marches?

"Come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together right now:"

TheYoungbloods -


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John Ferguson said...

I agree with Jeff's article as well. It makes me wonder motives and the thinking involved in those that seek to protect all things.

If the system was more open allowing questions and feedback the feeling of fear and impending 'limits' to my future teaching might be lessened.