Why I believe this blog really is my Digital Portfolio

It is hoped that by reading this Blog, and the one linked to my Master's course writings, you, the reader, will gain a sense of just who I am. And that really is the purpose of a Digital Portfolio isn't it?

Both Blogs highlight my preference for intertwining audio, as well as visual mediums, into my writing. I tell my students to be creative, therefore it is imperative that I model that desire here as well. Music has always played a large  role in who I have  been, and writing without a song blasting seems wrong somehow...

While the cooliris gadget is, well, cool, and a super time-waster, it also allows the visitor another glimpse into the person behind this blog. Visual mediums are powerful conveyors of information, and I firmly believe that sharing my personal side to be just as important as spouting my curriculum vitae.

The Home page contains links to blogs I am currently reading, as well as what is on my Shelfari, again supporting my belief that we as teachers must be life-long learners ourselves. In addition,the links to places I exist on the net illustrates my commitment to being involved with emerging technologies.. it is the 21st century after all.  :)

There you have it, a snapshot of ideas once stood for, issues I stand  for now and the reasons behind the changes in perspectives I have undergone on this journey of discovery. 

One belief that  has never changed is the idea of open and transparent teaching. I hold to that ideal, that I am held to a higher standard as a teacher and I embrace that concept. 

I teach in and out of the classroom, simple really...