Sunday, September 15, 2013

Why RAP...I can't tell you that...

I needed to write something about our RAP program, the Registered Apprenticeship Program and why it has become popular this year. Problem is, I can't.

This great avenue for so many of our students has not been strong the last couple of years, but this year we have five already enrolled and one that has worked all summer on a job site under this program. Great stuff!

The problem is, I am not sure why there is resurgence. I suspect it may have to do with the time spent talking about this program in last year's High School LST time. That day the gym full of High school students was told about the results of a survey I had completed that month. The survey centred on advice former students wished to pass on to those still in school. One student even spent several coffees relating his experiences in the real world, just so I could pass these on to other potential tradesmen. Fascinating stuff to be sure, but motivational? Umm...

The difficulty here is that as much as this assembly may be the driving force behind why five, or perhaps more students if they get their ducks in a row, have enrolled as RAP students, there just is no way at this time to prove that assertion.

School generated difficult to collect, so valuable to important to get it sooner rather than later...


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ying and Yang...

Writing papers
thinking about how we do our ‘job’ as teachers
wanting to revolutionize the education system now
not tomorrow
knowing that change takes time in any institution
hating the fact that I know that fact and still
at the end
realizing that all I can do is take tiny steps
make small ripples in the pond I dwell in
and having to be satisfied that I am doing what I can
while not being able to do want I want…

I hate contradictions…