Sunday, January 29, 2012

Off to the Principal's office..wait, that's me!

Lately it seems that I have become an ‘Administrator’ rather than still being a teacher who has administrator duties. Yes, I know I have been a V.P. for about two and a half years, but only recently have I come to understand that all is not what it once was.

My classroom has a new name on the door, my belongings are on the top of shelves or locked in a cupboard, and another is leaning on the podium leading the learning.


It is not that I feel excluded from the school, as the entire staff has never been better towards me, and I do believe that they come to me when there is an issue that I need to be made aware of. 

It is that I am now conscious that a line has being crossed, never to be what was, no going back it seems.

This is as it should be I suppose. I took great pleasure in introducing myself as an ELA teacher first and a V. P. second. Recently that seems not to be how I view myself. More time is spent on administrative duties, ones that I believe are important, such as the Educational Planning Process and the Instructional Leadership visits, then is spent on preparing for classes, or dare I say it – GRADING!!!

A natural evolution, but one that still sticks in the caw, so to speak.

Ah, well, it is not like I don’t love my job, as every day brings fresh learning, so much so that many nights are spent trying to sort out the numerous ideas that are clamouring for further exploration.

It is just that change is hard sometimes, and, well, it is difficult to think that I am now one of them…