Friday, January 16, 2009

Thoughts inspire thoughts which beget further thoughts...

So tonights words are brought to you courtesy of a thought inspired by Will Richardson, and his blog entitled “Web 2.0 Not for Everyone (?) . Richardson relays a discussion he had with a former colleague that when coupled with a few other facets of his life caused him to arrive at the following:
In short, all of it’s got me thinking about how Web 2.0 technologies cater to a certain group of abilities or intelligences more than others, and it’s got me wondering about the consequences.”
I realized as I read this that I too have been wondering about my approach to Web 2.0 and if I may have been missing the mark with some of my students. I have read the comments back and forth on the blog in question, and believe that I understand the many different perspectives being shared. I like the comment from Kelly Hines, as I too think we need to teach using all of our best strategies, and that we must also try to give the students an opportunity to learn the tools necessary for, today...
As for the collaborative nature of the web, it is not something I struggle with. I get that!!! As a matter of fact I have been the recipient of some excellent collaboration myself this week, as I have worked on two different projects with fellow staff members, both which resulted in deeper understandings for all least that is the impression I have of the events.
No, where Richardson's comment hit me the hardest is with me personally, as I am not sure I have all of the tools required to be successful in the new web 2.0 world. I read well, and love to discuss what I am learning, but therein lies the rub...I am a better orator than a typer...and yes I know if I only practice I can become a proficient typist...a line I am positive students all over North America have heard year after year. But the fact is that some of us lack certain fine motor skills. It takes me a long time to compose thoughts using a keyboard. As it is for some of my students. And that is the important lesson for me here.
What I really like about the readings I do every day is the messages that I take back to the classroom, and this one resonates with me...I am thrilled with this learning process and the implications to my teaching...always making me think and rethink what am I doing and why am I doing it!
I love the web, and love my G'reader,

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