Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wouldn't it be nice...

I am including the complete text of a blog that struck me a hard, mind-numbing blow as I read it.

The blog comes from Will Richardson's Weblogg-ed post entitled "Teacher as Global Celebrity". Included is Will's reaction to the idea put forth by Chris Anderson.


I’m not sure this will ever come to pass, but talk about standing the world on its end. Chris Anderson of Wired and Ted answers the question “What Will Change Everything” with this: “The Web Empowered Revolution in Teaching“.

For one thing, the realization that today’s best teachers can become global celebrities is going to boost the caliber of those who teach. For the first time in many years it’s possible to imagine ambitious, brilliant 18-year-olds putting ‘teacher’ at the top of their career choice list. Indeed the very definition of “great teacher” will expand, as numerous others outside the profession with the ability to communicate important ideas find a new incentive to make that talent available to the world. Additionally every existing teacher can greatly amplify their own abilities by inviting into their classroom, on video, the world’s greatest scientists, visionaries and tutors. (Can a teacher inspire over video? Absolutely. We hear jaw-dropping stories of this every day.)



The reason this hit home for me is that in a month's time I will have a fourth year education student starting their final practicum in my classroom. I know that this student is bright, technologically literate and more than competent, but is unsure of what the future holds for teachers... wouldn't it be nice to have this idea to hold up as motivation...



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