Friday, December 26, 2008

Starting to ask questions...

So I posted this comment after reading Stephen Downes' blog dated December 26th, 2008.

Re: We Have the Ideas and the Technologies - What Changes in the System Do We Need for Open Education?

Okay. New to this idea of removing testing from teaching. All for it, by the way, but not sure how one will assess the students...

Yes, not having my grade twelve students write a diploma exam that is worth 50% of their final mark, a diploma by the way that covers very little of the 60 odd outcomes I am to teach, is appealing, the notion of accountability seems an issue that must be address. How do you propose to do this?

I also agree with your home page mission statement. But, and yes I am not a fan of that word, how do you envision the realities of my world as a front line teacher? What will I teach and how will I know if the student's are successful?

Just trying to get a handle on this idea,

Thanks for your thought provoking writing,

So, there, ...I have taken the next step for me, asking and hoping someone answers!!!



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