Saturday, December 13, 2008

Excellent reaction to comments I hear daily!

So, after reading the latest blog from Warlick, his response to a writing by Rodd Lucier, I was thrilled to see his advice given to dialogue I encounter frequently at school. I believe that I have heard each one of these moments on more than one occasion, some almost daily it seems!

I am thank full that my PLN at school seems to be growing as it does tend to slow my angry comments. I am off on Monday to the Board Office to have a discussion with the C&I team and the Head of Technology, a discussion centred around the idea of what can the IT department do for us! So, having read Warlick's response, I find myself writing this blog and a a letter to the IT Department at the same easy feat for a guy with only limited resources!

What I really liked about Warlick's reply was that it was in the positive, a plan of action rather than a quick retort. It is good to read another's reactions to the difficulties that all technologically progressive teachers face...a good reminder that I need to keep thinking before I speak, good advice always!

So, a couples of minutes reading this morning and I am off with a plan for the day.

Coffee and a plan...A great start indeed.


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