Saturday, November 20, 2010

This time today...

Sitting here this morning avoiding the marking that needs to be done, thinking about the G'site I am building for next semester. Thinking about the feeling of excitement surrounding this old desk; to be learning a new novel, (how energizing that is!) how the next semester cannot start soon enough. Planning to completely reinvent the setup of the class room, both in terms of physical as well as the learning opportunities, to incorporate many of the fantastic ideas that have been shared, whether through face to face interaction or through the electronic medium.

As this collaborative project roars out of the planning stage, I find that the idea of teaching alone, in a room, just the learners and myself, very scary. Indeed, the idea that one should know all be all to all, simply is a concept that must be eradicated in this day and age.

Case in point, just now, as the G'site is under construction, a tweet comes across from @courosa, retweeting a request for assistance from @jenamhall, who happens to have the exact question that I am struggling with at this very moment...synchronicity? Or just the fact that the world is very welcome in my office and class room?

I wonder what stops other teachers from opening the doors to other learners, be they fellow educators or those with expertise, viewpoints or ideas to share? Having someone skype in to a classroom is so very easy, why is this not the norm, instead of the 'cool'? Are the answers the same as those given when asked 'why are you not blogging?'

Just wondering...


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Sandi said...

If you're still looking for the answer to "can you password protect just one page?". One way to get around this is to create a separate site for the page you want password protected. Leave the original site open and protect the second portion? Clear as mud?