Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wish I had half this talent...wish I could take half the credit for this student's brilliance...

The following exemplar is one that I had to share. This particular student went above and much so that I will readily admit that I was influenced by the material and therefore I believe that I may not have been very objective when I reviewed the project for grading purposes. 

In retrospect, I should have watched the Voicethread and then walked away for a while...hindsight, always perfect...ahhh, who am I kidding, he nailed it...

The instructions were quite simple:

a) -Read Night, by Elie Wiesel and complete your required personal journals (tumblr).

b) - As a class, watch “Band of Brothers “– episode Nine- ‘Why we Fight’

c) View class set of Holocaust pictures.

d) -Brainstorm and complete a rich assessment project. See Rubric
Your project must be able to be embedded in to a Voicethread.

You will make three Voicethread entries:1 will be your project, 2 will be your rational for 'why you did what you did' and 3 will be your response to the critiques posted by your fellow classmates.

e) -Review and critique the Voicethread projects your fellow classmates have completed.

Remember the guidelines we have established for analysis and of course the Golden Rule: Respect at ALL times!

With those instructions, this student produced the following Voicethread. Not an essay, not a poster, but a song, because in his words "I get more of what I want to say out when I play."

This project met the following Alberta Program of Studies General and Specific Outcomes:
GO-1 > 1.2.2 GO-2 > 2.2.1/.2 >2.3.1/.2/.3 GO-4 > 4.1.1/.2/.3/.4 GO-5 >5.1.1/.2/.3

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