Sunday, March 11, 2012

What a week!!!!

This really has been an incredible week.

The school buses were shut down for two days as we received a huge pile of snow on Monday and Tuesday. Took about another two days to get everything plowed out, dug out, and manageable, just in time for the weather to heat up to about plus 11 by the weekend!!! Now everything is just a running river of melted snow...

Thursday I found myself 10 - 12 stories under the ground in the Rats Nest Cave, near Canmore, Alberta. This is an amazing place, a place one soon won’t forget. Repels of 50-60 feet, twisting chutes that seemed to get thinner as you went further through them, tugging at your harness, slick, long climbs and some of the most powerful scenery I have ever viewed!!! What a day!!! 

It is amazing the education we can provide for our students outside of the curriculum isn't it?

Can hardly wait for the pictures, sure hope they turned out okay!

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