Monday, September 5, 2011

New start, same old problem...

This has been a fantastic start to the year, with all players bringing their A game during the first week of school. So much energy, humour, and productivity, really a wonderful way to begin the year.

The staff have embraced the new website, as evidenced by the number of posts and blog entries uploaded each day. We are waiting for access to the analytics to give us an understanding of how the students, parents and community are using the site, but so far the feedback has been great. This really is a huge change for our school.

What has stayed the same for this guy is the inability to blog as much as I want to.

How do those people I follow on twitter post so many entries each day?

How can one set aside a time each day/week to write given the, well, unstructured nature of not only this occupation but this household as well?

We are always asked as teachers to fill out our TPGP year plans each fall, and one of mine WILL be to reflect and write about these thoughts each Sunday night. However, even as I pen this post, I am aware of the potential pitfalls of such a plan. And, well,  it is Monday night, enough said...

What tricks, hints, or sage advise do you have to pass along? All comments gratefully received!



This post composed while listening endlessly (cause my kids have played this song on repeat)  to Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks

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