Friday, April 17, 2009

Speaking of specifics....

Again, I seem to be having difficulty answering the prompt for this week's required blog posting.
Explain the critical organization and management steps and tools I would employ when implementing a PBL.
I am sure I have answered this question more than once this week, what with two discussion postings,four replies to four fellow student's postings, a 700 word reflection paper and the normal, day to day doings of a front line teacher...
Plan, envision, query PLN, plan some more, implement, reflect, assess, adapt, modify, reflect, reassess, and finally evaluate the entire process, making notes of ways to improve the project for 'next' time.

This is impossible, as each assignment is individualized for the content area, the grade and the make up of the students within the classroom. The PBL demands classroom management, but so to do all teaching lessons. Introduce the concept, ensure that the students understand the intended outcomes through various assessment practices, including verbal conferences and written rubrics. Set up the type of summative assessment strategies to be used, modify as required by the ongoing assessment. Reflect at the end of each day as to progress of the groups and adapt the teaching lesson for the next day. Use a variety of instructional techniques, so as to encompass as many different learning styles as possible, and keep the project open-ended to allow the incorporation of multiple-intelligences into the culminating project. This is as specific as I can be without planning a specific PBL with a specific curriculum outcome in mind for a specific grade level and knowing the specifics of the makeup of the classroom.

Specific enough? Probably not...but it is all I have at this specific point in time...

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